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Two-Headed Quarters

See Through The Deceptive Numbers That Cost You Money

Outraged by the misuse of numbers in marketing and advertising messages, physicist Joe Ganem decided to use his professional expertise to expose widely used deceptive practices. He discovered that, like flipping a two-headed quarter, many of the deals you make everyday are rigged so that no matter which side the coin lands on, you pay.

These insights will save you thousands of dollars!

Now you can learn the secrets of how a physicist evaluates numbers in day-to-day financial decisions. Find out how to save big money and avoid getting ripped off.  Dr. Ganem’s presentations are practical, informative, and highly entertaining. Packed with real-world tips and tactics, he will completely change the way you think about financial decisions. You and your audience will see how numbers are used to:

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“A fascinating look into how clever marketing and advertising techniques are used to manipulate consumers.”

Lynnette Khalfani, author of The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million and the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom